Clear Your Blind Spots. Elevate Your Impact. Connect To What’s Real.


You’re motivated, driven, you know how to succeed. You’ve already achieved a lot.
Most people would look at you and want what you have created.

But deep inside you, you have a nagging feeling that won’t go away.

You’re feeling

  • Things aren’t quite going the way you dreamed.
  • You lost a little bit of yourself.
  • Unsure of where that woman who had a huge purpose went.
  • Sad because you use to love life and be constantly filled with brilliant, creative ideas & inspiration.

For you, giving up isn’t an option.

You’re here to do big things and you will make it happen.

But sometimes you

  • Find yourself feeling frustrated because you can’t figure out or “see” what the next step is.
  • Know with every cell in your being your purpose is to go big, even bigger than you are now, so that you can impact the world positively.
  • Feel afraid because it feels like now, you have more to lose.
  • Also know there’s no way you can double the effort you’re giving now.
  • Used to feel so clear on exactly what you wanted to do and how to do it. But now, you second guess yourself.
  • Feel disheartened and impatient as your progress stalls because of this.
  • Doubt your instincts, going back and forth on what is the “right” thing do, draining your energy and feeling even more frustrated in the process.
  • Worry that you might not have what it takes to go big, even though your soul calls for it, leaving you discouraged and exasperated as to how you’ll ever be able to do this.
You’re even worrying that you may not have what it takes,
after all it should be easier, right?

I know you.
You’re different.

You’ve known since you were a little girl that you are meant to do something to impact the world in a big way or change the social conversation. You have always wanted to serve.

You’re willing to do what it takes, to make sure that you do what you’re meant to do in the world.

You’re willing to put in the work to feel free, fulfilled and overflowing with brilliant ideas that make a real impact and change the world around you for the better.

But you’re afraid that…

Your family, friends and colleagues
will think you’re crazy

The bigger you go the bigger you will
fail & be embarrassed

You’ll lose friends, family & clients

You’ll be really bright & shiny and have
people triggered by it

You might be wrong, and then what?

So you google things like “how to find your purpose” or
“how to get unstuck” and you buy another damn book or program that gets you
nowhere fast.
  • Seriously, what’s wrong with you?, you think, won’t you ever learn?
  • Why can’t you just settle and be like everyone else?
  • Do you always have to go big?
  • Your job is one that people would dream of having but “poor you.”

You want to feel fulfilled and like you’ve made a difference.
You want this so badly that it physically hurts in your body, You secretly may even find yourself crying at night and feeling guilty because you already have so much, but you know you’re meant for something more.

Didn’t your dad tell you there were starving kids in Africa? What’s wrong with you? You should be more grateful for what you have?, you think on a daily basis.

You hear of people who get these “divine downloads” that change
everything for them and you kind of want to scream, really???

NOTHING is wrong with you. Repeat after me. NOTHING IS WRONG WITH YOU.

You have everything you need to get where you want to be, but right now, you can’t hear it or tap into it. You feel like your future self is just on the other side of this imaginary wall in front of you. You just can’t quite seem to get there, to the other side, where the guidance you are looking for is waiting for you.

Your Dream Is Something That No Wall Will Ever Contain.

Imagine that you’re standing at a beautiful front door

and you know that on the other side is the answers to anything you want to know.
  • The aligned path to the biggest way you’re here to impact others.
  • The blueprint for your true purpose and how to fulfill it.
  • The answers to the next level of your work or the new direction of a business that feels more fulfilling to you.
  • The career or business model that combines your zone of genius & your greatest gifts with ease, abundance, and impact, that doesn’t burn you out or kill you in the process of getting there.
  • Deep confidence that turns you into a lighthouse with your message in the world.
  • Relationships that truly fulfill you and nourish you.
  • A deep connection to your deepest inner wisdom so that you always know exactly what steps to take in any situation in your life.
  • The perfect boundaries set without fear, so that you have time to show up with your best in the areas of your life that matter most to you.
You’ve tried everything, read the books, gone to the gurus, and shown up to do the work, but even after all of that, you still don’t feel any closer to getting the answers you want & that deep sense of inner confidence and peace you’re craving.

But if you look closely, there’s a gate in that wall that leads you directly to deep confidence, clarity, & more ease. Right now, you just don’t have the key to open the gate.

Well my love, I want to invite you on a journey.

Think of it as an empowered walk you get to take to the land of YOU, to reclaim the most powerful guru you will ever meet. The one that has all the answers and the blueprints for the life & the purpose you were called here to live (not the one you were told you ‘should’).

On this journey, you get to examine all of the things that are secretly holding you back from stepping into your greatest & truest purpose.

You get to release all the things that are holding you back from connecting with your soul as you take down that wall brick by brick and begin to see the path to the woman you know you’re really meant to be.

Yes, even if you’ve done tons of personal development work already. Yes, even if you’ve read all the books and had a mentor for years.

In fact, this is a journey meant for women like you,
who have “done it all,” yet still feel like there’s MORE
beyond what they’ve already created.

And then just like that, the key to unlock that gate you’ve been banging on for so long is right in front of you and all you need to do is unlock it and step in with ease.



  • Being fully rooted in your purpose, your life, your soul, your calling, and the universe as a whole.
  • You’re no longer the woman who puts herself until last, you do the spa, or hike in nature, or make time for YOU, guilt-free.
  • You’re actually doing your purpose in every single moment of the day and there is not a single moment when you’re NOT doing it.
  • Experiencing more pleasure in your life and body than you’ve ever imagined. AND not feeling guilty about making time for that pleasure because pleasure is what connects you to those divine downloads that guide your most aligned & amazing business and life.

(Listen, I know you’ve heard all that “manifesting your dream life and work” stuff, and secretly thought to yourself yeah right, that stuff doesn’t work. And you’re right. It won’t unless you get this right. When you get this right, you make more money, experience more happiness, attract more clients, establish better boundaries and have more space for what you want.)

  • Feeling calm within when there is chaos outside of you because you have a deep sense of trust that the Universe is rooting for you and that your soul will never lead you astray, even when you have butterflies in your stomach.
What would it feel like to finally find the most powerful advisor in your life and your great work on this planet… within YOU and to trust in her guidance, implicitly, so that you never have to feel the pain of confusion, indecision or disconnection from your purpose again?

This is exactly what the 7 Soul Gates is all about.

And there is nothing like it out there in the world.
  • Picture yourself shining big and bright.
  • Sitting on Oprah’s’ couch,
  • Dancing on Ellen,
  • Having your book hit the top of the New York Times,
  • Starting that charity you have alway dreamed of creating…

All along sharing your story and standing out without feeling guilty or afraid of being visible.

Now, instead, you just own it and are comfortable in your leadership role and in integrity.

Clear Your Blind Spots. Elevate Your Impact. Connect To What’s Real.

This is Soul Work.

And Soul Work is completely different than the typical “step 1 through 10” that most programs take you through. That is why you will make huge shifts as a result of simply showing up.

This work is deep. You will change at the deepest levels of your Self instead of getting the type of transformation that only lasts for 2 years and then you’re back to the same habits all over again.

With the 7 Soul Gates you are diving down to the root of your most authentic self, you’re forging an unbreakable, life-long bond with your most powerful inner guide, your soul.

Once you are able to access your soul’s wisdom, you can unlock the purpose, clarity, joy & ease that you were meant for, so that you can make that impact you have always known you were called here to make.

This is for the woman, like you, who has done all the programs and is ready to do REAL work that will change her at the soul level, forever, so that she can go on to be the powerful, joyful & impactful leader she was called here to be.

How it all works:

Over 14 weeks you will come to know how you can finally step fully into the purpose that you’ve already begun, so that you can impact the world

You will achieve this through multiple learning styles:
7 powerful audio “gates”

taught by me, an award-winning master level coach who has worked with some of the industry’s top leaders as they step into their next level of success.These powerful lessons will reveal the areas where you unconsciously may be blocked and give you profound insights into yourself and why you’re not moving forward in the way you want.

7 live coaching calls

to go deeper with me into what comes up for you as you do the soulwork at each gate and to get live coaching with me so that you can stay on track and have the support you need to get the results you want. We work with you live on calls if you have any questions and our community manager and I are in the forum regularly, engaging with you on
your journey.

A gorgeous workbook

in which you will do your homework assignments and keep track of all of your progress in one place. You’ll love going back to this over and over to review the remarkable progress you’ll find yourself making in between
each gate.

Private facebook forum

to connect with other soulful, driven & ambitious women like you as you move through this journey. Community support is one of the quickest ways to accelerate progress and that is why I have always had a community aspect to all of our programs for the last 6 years. When you have people cheering you on, offering you support and believing in you even when you don’t believe in yourself, you make strides you can never make when you go it alone.

A sacred stone

made from the oldest and rarest material on earth. This is a stone that is extremely hard to source and is very rare. It is said to carry the memories of the earth from its conception and is very powerful for doing this kind of deep soul work that descends within the energy system of the body. It is energetically programmed to assist you in the journey we will be taking and will keep you grounded.

The Full Breakdown

week by week

WEEK 1-2: gate 7

Gate 7

We uncover what’s actually driving your actions, confusion, and inability to get where you want to go.

WEEK 3-4: gate 6

Gate 6

We look at all the identities that you’re attached to being: mom, daughter, woman, sister, priestess, business owner… We look at this mess of contradicting identities you operate from and understand how they influence your choices and limit you from creating the results you actually want. You’ll learn my two-question formula that will help you bust out of these limiting identities and create the exact relationships, business, money and life that you want.

WEEK 5-6: gate 5

Gate 5

We will examine what you can do to actually shape the reality you’re meant to live, the path you’re meant to create, and how to cultivate the energy that creates what you want in your life and work.

WEEK 7-8: gate 4

Gate 4

We take a look at why you’re trusting your mind over your heart & feelings and how you can use your intuition to never feel confused about what to do next. This is where you learn to access that inner guide & guru within you.

WEEK 9-10: gate 3

Gate 3

How to be the authentic expression of who you are without holding anything back. This is how you attract people into your life who are actually aligned & fulfilling relationships. If you’re a business owner, this is where you learn how this gets you a ton of customers because we all know that when you’re authentic and true you attract the right people to you, in larger numbers.

WEEK 11-12: gate 2

Gate 2

Uncover the building block to everything you want in your life and how to get those easy Divine downloads that you hear other women talking about and always wish you had. This secret is like the gas that fuels your dream and helps you overcome resistance. Because, if you’re not filled up here, in this area of your soul & body, you will burn out, get exhausted, and look for the next thing.

WEEK 13-14: gate 1

At this gate, we examine how your calling contributes to the entire web of the world. How your particular “song” fits into the entire orchestra of the world. Here we examine feelings of worthiness and deserving. We learn how to feel safe in putting your great work out there, so that you can feel confident in what you put out and create without self-doubting or sabotaging.


First 10 participants to pay in full
receive an intuitive card reading
via email from Lisa.


Are You Ready?

This is for you if:

  • You’ve already been on a personal development journey and are looking for that next level in your life and business.
  • You are craving a community of powerful women to take you to the next level of your leadership.
  • You’re a driven, heart-centered changemaker that is motivated and open to transformation. You love trying new things and are open to new experiences.
  • You are looking for a powerful mentor that can help you connect more deeply with the guru within you so that you can have access to the most powerful guidance system in your life & business.
  • You’re here to contribute to the planet & make impact with your unique gifts, talents, and purpose.
  • You want to feel confident, internally peaceful, and empowered in your life & work, doing what you love and living your truth.
  • You’re ready to uplevel your whole life: Your physical, emotional, sexual, spiritual, relationship, and business health.

This may not be for you if:

  • You want a step by step, templated, superficial level approach to connecting with your inner guru and don’t like to dive deep.
  • You are dogmatic or closed-minded about different spiritual traditions or beliefs.
  • You don’t believe in sisterhood and don’t want to be part of a soul tribe.
  • You are not coachable and unable to surrender or trust in the guidance of a mentor.

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